Friluftsliv, the philosophy of outdoor living that makes us happier.


It comes from Norway and it’s a philosophy that very well represents one of the possible interpretations of the concept of Outdoor Therapy. Friluftsliv, or “living in the open air” is an invitation to be in close connection with nature, according to its rhythms in any season.

Relax in the open air? Yes, but that’s not all. Also practicing sports, walking, camping and, above all, living outdoors regardless of whether the weather conditions are favorable or not, because the days, a bit like life, are made of sun and rain.

If it is true that spending even just two hours outdoors is enough to improve mood and increase the production of serotonin, the good mood hormone, then designing a comfortable outdoor space suitable for welcoming us at different times of the day is a real practice of care for ourselves and for our loved ones.

The materials with which we make our products are selected to best withstand any weather condition, remaining like new for longer.

For example, the approximately 220 fabrics that make up our catalogue, in addition to being pleasant to touch, do not fade and are water-repellent, while the padding of cushions and sofas are made with Dryfeel® open cell foam, which promote water drainage, drying more easily, without generating mold. So, if you want to stay in the garden to enjoy a few drops of rain on your face, you can do it comfortably seated on your Belt sofa .

Rope weaving and technical fabrics we use for sunbeds, chairs and armchairs do not absorb humidity, avoiding the formation of mold. In particular, VAR # TEX, a PVC fiber fabric that we have designed and patented, is characterized by an excellent mix of elasticity, comfort, resistance to UV degradation and ease of cleaning. In this way, if during a picnic in the woods you decide to take out the Clever deckchair to relax , you can do it without worries.

In addition, the metal structures of tables and chairs are subjected to treatments that are useful to slow down the normal decay of the material as much as possible and, in some cases, to avoid corrosion in marine environments, provided that the correct maintenance is carried out periodically.

In short, after a swim in the sea or in the pool you can go and dry yourself in the sun directly on your Bahia sunbed.

Are you ready to embrace a Friluftsliv lifestyle?