A stylish garden inspired by the forms of nature

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - A stylish garden inspired by the forms of nature

Furnishing an outdoor space with a style in harmony with the world around us?

With the right tricks, it is possible. After all, if you think about it, you just need to be inspired by the beauty that only nature can give us.

Lush trees, the wood with its knots telling age-old stories, the pure, clear water.

Is there anything more relaxing and, at the same time, cosy?

Known by many as ‘natural chic’, this furnishing trend – which has come back into fashion in recent years also thanks to an ever-increasing sustainability awareness – is inspired precisely by this: recreating a sophisticated aesthetic, influenced by the beauty and shapes that we can find in nature.

Characterised by hues such as green or brown and by clean, essential and geometric lines, this style transforms even outdoor spaces into cosy places in which to spend cheerful moments.

So, space for shades that recall landscapes, mountains, the sea and colours such as brown, beige, bottle green or light blue.

A chair that echoes these shades?
Without a doubt, the Emma Cross dining armchair with its green band.

Another feature to keep in mind while furnishing your garden in a natural style is the choice of materials.

So, obviously, wood in its rawest and purest form but also stone, which can become an excellent ally in recreating an authentic and evocative atmosphere.

If we had to think of a complement from our collections with these features, it would be the relax sunbed of the Barcode collection that, with its teak wood frame from certified plantations, is weather and sunlight resistant.

And what kind of garden would it be without the right lighting? Indeed, at sunset, lanterns and candles add a cosy and romantic touch.

Finally, our advice is to choose warm shades that reflect natural light at sunset: indeed, yellow lights can create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for evenings under the stars.

With the Cricket lampshades, which allow to spread a soft light, magic is guaranteed.

And then? Well, let’s make space for emotions, for a dialogue between man and nature: the scent of flowers, the rustle of leaves, the possibility of finding a place where you can let yourself be carried away by your passions.

After all, if you think about it, our garden can truly turn into a place to stop and rest, losing track of time as we let ourselves be carried away by nature and by what only nature can give us.

Hence, today we invite you to slow down and try to rediscover your natural rhythm because life is a gift and, if lived in harmony with nature, it becomes even more beautiful.