Approved by DDR No. 1056 of 03/7/2023 with a public contribution of € 28,740.00

The project stems from Varaschin spa’s primary need to innovate processes and the company organisation itself through an organisational redesign that leads to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and is able to communicate the value and principles of this sustainability path to the outside world.
Through a mix of training and accompanying interventions, the aim is to make the recipients acquire digital and green skills, to define and implement an adaptation plan that will lead to circumscribe the company’s carbon footprint and consequently reorganise production activities so as to reduce the consumption of resources.
More specifically, the project envisages the implementation of two training interventions, one aimed at the management department and one at the sales department, and a consultancy intervention aimed at one of the company’s top management figures. These interventions focus on sustainability and green transition issues from the perspective of carbon footprint analysis.

Eco-Formazione Varaschin