Our proposals are gathered in collections united by being the result of a clearly recognizable creativity, in turn the result of in-depth reflection on form, function and intended use by designers in love with a planning made to measure for wellbeing.


The best witnesses of our work are the outdoor furniture projects made all over the world in collaboration with our dealers and with the architecture and design studios that have chosen us as their trusted partner.


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Varaschin - Emma nest awarded at Sit Furniture Design Award.
Emma nest awarded at Sit Furniture Design Award.

Also this year, the Emma collection designed by architect Monica Armani gained recognition at the Sit Furniture Design Award, a prestigious international design award born in Switzerland to reward the most brilliant ideas of international designers.

Varaschin -
LEAF, sustainability as a concrete commitment for a better tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability is based on concrete premises and on the awareness that it is a challenge that must be tackled on all fronts and according to precise rules. Central to this is the will and the need to balance economic goals with social and environmental ones.


Many prestigious names in international design are interpreters of our philosophy. Experts in the art of merging tradition and innovation, they look at craftsmanship as a starting point from which to outline a new idea of modernity.