The perfect furnishing accessory to shelter from the sun.

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - The perfect furnishing accessory to shelter from the sun.

Summer is just around the corner and the desire to be in the outdoors grows stronger day by day. Imagine a beautiful beach with golden sand and crystal-clear sea in front of you, or an infinity pool with a view of the mountains.

A gentle breeze caresses your skin while the sun’s rays warm you, offering a pleasant feeling of peace and tranquillity.

In these days, every occasion is the perfect time to enjoy your garden or the outdoor space in a hospitality setting. Yet, it is important to be equipped with the suitable furnishing complement to protect yourself during the hottest hours.

Whether it is a gazebo, a parasol or a sunshade, the important thing is to choose the most appropriate accessory according to your needs.


Varaschin Outdoor Therapy Sunmoon

To achieve the perfect mix of elegance and functionality, the best choice is definitely the gazebo.

At Varaschin you will find Sunmoon.

Designed by architect José Manuel Ferrero, it is the perfect combination of lines and shapes.

Being extremely versatile, thanks to its fabric curtains that can be adapted according to the time of the day, Sunmoon turns into the ideal companion for enjoying summer in all its forms.


Limited space in your garden?
Copacabana and Amalfi collections will protect you from the sun.

With its slender and dynamic aluminium structure with two bases, Copacabana is extremely sturdy and can be used in both domestic and contract settings. Amalfi, on the other hand, is more compact in size, which makes it extremely easy to handle, and will provide you with shade while taking up very little space.

Varaschin Outdoor Therapy Copacabana


Varaschin Outdoor Therapy Emma Sunscreen

These complements are a practical solution for providing protection from the sun without sacrificing design.

Suitable to be used in gardens, terraces or even poolside, they vary in size, design and materials.

Being lightweight and, consequently, easy to move, they are the perfect choice for those who do not have much space available.

A perfect example of this is the Emma Sunscreen: with its essential design, it was conceived to perfectly match all Varaschin collections. This accessory adds a touch of style to outdoor living areas without compromising on its main function. Indeed, thanks to its micro-perforated technical PVC fabric, it filters the sun’s rays whilst also allowing the air to pass through.

Now it’s your turn: all you have to do is make yourself comfortable, put on your favourite swimwear and choose the furnishing accessory that best suits your needs.

Have a great summer!