Did someone say spring?

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - Did someone say spring?

Spring is finally here.

A season of rebirth in which nature slowly begins to bloom again and the desire to return to outdoor living becomes stronger.

Days are getting longer and temperatures are becoming increasingly pleasant. There is a different energy everywhere, a positive one, capable of becoming lifeblood to us all.

So, why not spend an afternoon outdoors?

During the warmest hours, when the sun is high in the sky, it is great to enjoy a relaxing moment in the quiet of the garden.

A garden that, however, we need to renovate after the winter, perhaps following the trends of the year.

Which ones? Discover them with us.


Organising your outdoor space has never been easier.

Indeed, multifunctional furniture is becoming a real trend in the outdoor world: versatile and extremely practical, it not only saves space, but also offers a variety of uses.

So this is how a daybed can be transformed, becoming the perfect refuge to shelter from the sun’s rays or, why not, watch the stars together with the person you love most.

We are talking about the Sunmoon collection: a product designed to offer a complete comfort experience, adaptable to every situation thanks to its different composition options.


Lighting a garden or a terrace can help to create the perfect atmosphere, turning even a simple dinner with friends and family into an unforgettable moment.

When the sun sets and the moon is high in the sky, it is time to light up the Tibidabo lampshade. Elegant and discreet, thanks to its aluminium frame with its clean and slender lines, it will add a touch of style to all your special moments.


Clean lines and essential shapes: these are the characteristics that distinguish this year’s outdoor furniture.

These unique features make complements extremely practical without sacrificing design.

A collection in which we find simplicity in its most precious form is, without a doubt, the Noss line designed by architect Edoardo Gherardi.
The Easy chair is the perfect example of a design that focuses on essentiality to become the ideal complement for your outdoor spaces.


Outdoor is becoming even more sustainable in this 2024 thanks to the use of materials such as wood, natural fabrics or recycled aluminium.

An approach that is becoming increasingly relevant year by year, a tangible proof of a new way of conceiving design, where reducing waste and maximising resources are a central issue for everyone.