Why are we inspired by nature to design spaces?

#OUTDOORMOMENTS | Save the Planet

We spend most of our day in indoor environments built by man and perhaps it is precisely for this reason that nature and its wonderful uncontaminated landscapes are able to have an immediate effect on our psycho-physical wellbeing. Just think that, according to a study published in Psychological Science, the simple observation of a landscape from the window has the ability to relax us and improve our cognitive functions.

Why? Because for our brain the geometries of nature are easier to read and interpret.

Aware of the importance of creating welcoming spaces, as well as aesthetically pleasing, designers are increasingly seeking inspiration in natural elements, designing interiors capable of immediately projecting us outdoors and organic outdoor living, which harmonize with the context in which they are inserted.

An attentive observer will immediately see, in the development of the interweaving of the furnishings of the Tibidabo collection that of a tree, which, rising from the trunk towards the branches, gradually becomes more and more dense, or, in the texture of the fabrics that cover the sofas and the Belt ottomans the blue colors of the rippled sea or the whites and the beige of the limestone rocks.

From the tropical jungle to the rocky mountains, from Red Canyon to northern lights: endless natural inspirations are just waiting to be discovered and translated into shapes, colors and suggestions that shape relaxing and enveloping environments.

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