What are your places of the heart? Here are ours.

If there is one thing we are extremely convinced of, it is living well in every possible way. Because for us there is nothing better than spending happy and peaceful moments together with the people we care about most.

We are not just talking about home, a place that immediately makes us think of family, loved ones and that we connect almost automatically to a concept of peacefulness but also to restaurants, spas where you can enjoy moments of absolute relaxation or, perhaps, to hotels and lodges.

Places that are transformed, becoming more than just spaces, but real shelters rooted in our memory. Those, in short, known as “places of the heart”, where, on sad days, we look for shelter to live moments of peace.

Because everyone, thinking about happy moments, goes back in time with the mind, connecting to these places a scent, a color or a simple state of mind: that of happiness.


Home, for us, is synonymous with love.
It is warmth, understanding, affection, attention, care but also unconditional support.

It is more than just a place. It is a safe haven where you can build dreams and think big without the fear of being judged. A space where you can feel good and let yourself be pampered.

Let’s think of a spring Sunday in which the sun’s rays begin to warm the skin again. An afternoon with the family, together, talking about this and that. From the kitchen, the smell of biscuits also spreads outside, releasing aromas of vanilla and chocolate. Gathered on the veranda, the children await their snack with trepidation lying on the Daybed Family Emma designed to welcome all members of the family in a sweet and welcoming embrace.


If we look in the dictionary for the definition of “comfort” we read: an object, an element, a fact, a situation or a condition that responds to the desires and needs of daily life, making it better. It is precisely based on this explanation that, every day for over fifty years, we have been making products capable of giving our customers absolute relaxation.

We just need an armchair, like the one from the Babylon collection, which with its sturdy structure is perfect for furnishing the outdoor bars of the most elegant hotels. Then let’s add a coffee, a slice of cake and our best friend. A long chat surrounded by the green of the trees. In front of us a wonderful blue lake.

Nothing can disturb the stillness of this moment that we will jealously keep in our memory forever.


There are those who love to celebrate their birthdays and those who don’t. However, there is one thing that is always appreciated by everyone: surprises.

We believe that organizing a party for the person we love and seeing his face amazed, incredulous and unconditionally happy is one of the most beautiful sensations you can experience. Giving happiness, then, but how?


There are really a thousand different ways to do this: a bouquet of flowers, a note hidden in a place where you know you will find it, a portrait or a surprise party with close friends and family.

It takes very little to organize the perfect “green birthday party”: a tasty menu, the right decorations and a table, perhaps extendable, like that of the System collection, practical, manageable and adaptable perfectly to any open-air context to experience a sweet and beautiful moment of conviviality all together.


Close your eyes and recall the last time you were really relaxed.
Each of us, of course, will think about different situations. Today, however, we want to try to imagine one with you.

A swimming pool on a breath-taking terrace. In front of us only the sea and in the background the lapping of the waves breaking on the rocks. It is Saturday and after a busy week of work you have fled the city to seek some peace, a moment all to yourself.

Not anywhere, but in your favourite hotel. The one linked to a memory, an emotion. Everything is perfect, you are by the pool, lying on the sun lounger. Next to you, placed on the Big Light base low table your favourite book.


Comfort, practicality and minimalism.
When we designed the Bahia towel holder we were thinking about this.

Inspired by the philosophy of “less is more”, this complement finds its ideal location in the most exclusive spas. In those, precisely, where you can cuddle yourself.

Regenerating massages, saunas, sensory paths with scents of fir, lily of the valley and eucalyptus. And here, precisely from these fragrances, a journey through the memories of your childhood begins.

Because, it is well known, that when we recognize a smell, our unconscious immediately makes us go back in time to recover fragments of memories even years later.