The ingredients for a perfect lunch outdoors

#OUTDOORMOMENTS | Genuine taste

The sun, the scent of flowers, the air that re-oxygenates from the first breath: it is often enough to go out on the terrace to immediately feel better. Spending time outdoors is a simple and effective way to recharge your batteries. And if this moment is shared with loved ones, the effect is even more regenerating.

What are the ingredients for a perfect outdoor lunch?

Food first of all, to be healthy and nutritious. Follow the recipes you like best, making sure that the raw materials are high quality. Today it is increasingly easier to find them, turning to small producers or using dedicated apps.

Create the right context, taking care of it down to the smallest detail. A pergola helps regulate sun exposure throughout the day and an outdoor rug, such as Carpet, makes the outdoor living area much more comfortable..

And then, of course, there are the guests. It is important to choose the right table to welcome them all in the best way. Here, then, are some inspiration for the tables, the beating hearts of convivial open-air spaces.


A solid central stem and a small squared top, to adapt to any outdoor space, from the balcony in the city center to the veranda of the country house: on the Plinto coffee table you can prepare in a few seconds everything you need to share a romantic moment with the person you love.

Numerous family

In large families, you never get bored. At the table laughter and stories intertwine and time flies, between one course and another, in serene harmony. Therefore, there is a need for wide space and a versatile solution, such as System Star a collection of tables that allows you to choose between tops of different shapes and sizes, from the round one with a diameter of 140 cm to the rectangular one with a length of 320 cm.

If you often add an extra seat at the table at the last moment, instead, it is better to opt for an extendable table such as Dolmen.

Cheers to friendship

“One is company, two is a crowd and three is a party”, said Andy Warhol.

If you like to invite friends for a lunch or an aperitif, the Emma table will be able to offer you all the space you need. Essential lines and welcoming shapes that give shape to a dynamic and relaxing environment.

Outdoor is the new indoor

The comfort of an indoor dining area in the open air? Find it again with an elegant and at the same time informal table, like Kolonaki, with base in drawn steel, or Tibidabo, whose base is embellished with an elegant handmade weave.