Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy

The project

The carpet collection completes the outdoor living areas of residential and contract spaces with a touch of style. The particular English rib tube gives dynamism to the texture of these accessories, made from 100% propylene, a stain-resistant material, highly wear-resistant, resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays. The outdoor space becomes a continuation of the interior, an environment to be customized down to the smallest detail.


Residential and contract outdoor furniture. Suitable for marine areas.

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DesignerR&D Varaschin

Clean-cut geometry, elegant lines based on weaving. Essential shapes distinguish Varaschin design, which is inspired by an ancient craft projected into modern design.

R&D Varaschin


100% propylene with English rib tubeing.
Due to the differences between the yarn batches and the dye baths, colors, shades and texture may differ slightly from the original sample.

Fabrics & Finishes

Available in grey, taupe and bronze colors.


Available in different sizes of rectangular, squared and circular shape.


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