Do you need vacation? Here is the agenda for your summer relax.

After months spent in the office, it’s time to take a break.
The days are filled with new outdoor appointments: a regenerating walk in the countryside, a lunch on the terrace, an afternoon on a sunbed, a refreshing dip in the pool and, finally, a dinner with friends while the sun is lost beyond the horizon.

Our rhythms align with those of day and night, making us find a new balance and heightening our senses. We are able to grasp all the small details that surround us, colors, scents, sounds, which accompany us in the calm and profound rediscovery of the world and its beauty.

This also happens because being outdoors allows us to raise the level of serotonin in the body, which makes us calmer and happier, increases our attention span, nourishes our creativity and gives us momentum, just to be able to resume everyday life.

How to define, therefore, the perfect “agenda” of open air appointments?

Here are some ideas.


No hasty breakfast because you have to rush to the office. With a sea view like that of the Biblos Beach Resort in Alaçati, the first meal of the day should be eaten little by little, comfortably seated on the Clever armchairs, lulled by the reassuring sound of the sea waves.
And as the sun rises in the blue sky, body and mind gently awaken, ready for a new day overflowing with life.


Sea or mountain? Why choose when you can go to the lake, the right compromise for those who prefer a holiday style that is both relaxing and active.
A bit like what happens at Laqua by the Lake, on Lake Orta, where guests can decide to spend an entire day on the sun loungers Babylon or go out for an excursion and find yourself in the evening on the terrace facing the lake to enjoy some well-deserved rest on the Belt sofas.


Breathe the air that smells of salt close to the beach, as happens at the Pareus Beach Resort in Caorle, where the typical relax of a day spent at sun combine the quiet and privacy of an intimate location, surrounded by greenery and equipped with every comfort. A spacious garden, in which Victor sunbeds, ideal for getting comfortable by the pool, alternate with Barcode sofas and Tibidabo swings perfect allies to cool off with a drink.


The most romantic moment of the day, the sunset, in the most dreamy lagoon in the world, that of Venice. In the outdoor area of the NH Collection Murano Villa Hotel furnished with Summer Set armchairs and stools an aperitif and a dinner turn into unique experiences. The gazes meet as the glasses approach, around the sky the sky is dressed in a thousand shades that leave room for the blue of the night spread like a delicate and fresh veil. In short, the worthy end to a perfect day.