Discover with us the emotion of a hug.

Is there anything more tender than a hug?

Let’s think about the feeling of quiet and tranquility we feel when the person we love hugs us. Or, again, when as children we cuddled up next to our parents, perhaps after a bad day at school.

The power released by this primordial gesture, instinctive since birth, is exceptional.
It envelops, welcomes, cradles and unites like a weaving, an everlasting bond.

If we have taken the poetic license to make this comparison, there is a reason.
It is precisely in this similarity, in fact, that lays the characteristic trait of many of our products.

Just think of the Emma Cross dining armchairs and to the rope weaving that covers the aluminum structure of their basket, to which the acrylic fabric band is then superimposed. Or, again, the refined intersections which, as if by magic, give shape to the dining armchair of the Cricket collection

We are talking about products characterized by skillful manual workmanship, capable of giving, precisely, a hug.

And you? Have you chosen yours yet?


A work made to measure like the finest tailored suit. Because if the stylists dress the shapes of the body, we, on the other hand, pamper them.

What has always distinguished our products lies precisely in this: translating the signs traced by some of the most titled designers in the world into products that are able to satisfy the body and the mind.

Upstream, first of all a marked propensity towards nature and all the wonders it gives us and, secondly, an unmistakable hand weaving.

This type of processing, once made with natural fibers, is now performed with synthetic materials. The reason for this choice is simple: to guarantee products that are durable and, at the same time, light, practical and of excellent quality.

This explains, therefore, the secret of our collections: outdoor furniture elements with harmonious shapes and built with the utmost care.


What did we say before?
Right, weaving compared to a hug.

Let’s think about it, if we had to give a meaning to this gesture, what would it be? We have no doubts, it would be that of connection.

Nothing in the world is as beautiful as the union of two bodies in the moment in which everything around them appears magically suspended.

The truth, in our opinion, lies right here: when we hold someone we love, everything lines up perfectly.


A cuddle that turns into a piece of furniture.
When we create our products, we only think of one thing: providing total relaxation. All thanks to products that cradle, caress and satisfy.

We take everything into consideration, from shape to ergonomics, looking for solutions with an enveloping design or, as we like to define them, cocooning.

That’s the reason for wide and extraordinarily welcoming backrests, comfortable armrests and soft padded cushions.