A wonderful palette of emotions.

What world would it be without colors?

Let’s think about the beneficial effect they have on our mood and the daily role in our lives. We are talking about emotions, perceptions, moods that can range from the most absolute peace and tranquillity to unconditional enthusiasm.

Their use, even in the world of design, has always had a psychological implication. They allow us to make a certain environment more comfortable and harmonious: warm colours, for example, are known to have invigorating and energizing properties while cold ones are calming.


One of the most relaxing nuances found in nature is blue.
Synonymous with calm, rest and reflection. A mood, this, that we keep in mind in the creation of all our furnishing accessories, capable of giving moments of unconditional outdoor relaxation to those who use them.

A color that makes us think of the sea, its depth and the sense of light-heartedness it can give us. Is there anything better than a summer evening at sunset, when with the hair left to dry in the wind you observe this blue vastness?

It takes very little: the right company, a glass of good wine and a Bergère from the Summer Set collection.


The importance of neutral colors such as white and grey. Nuances which, combined with others, can balance its action or, why not, enhance its different strengths.

Grey, a sober and sophisticated shade capable of creating a modern and minimalist look but, at the same time, strong. White, in its most elegant hue, that of pearl, to light up the environment and refresh it. Refined colors, perfect allies for decorating the outdoor space.

It’s a beautiful day, the sky is clear. Close your eyes and let yourself be pampered by the sofas of the Tibidabo collection.


A strong personality. The union between earth and fire in which nuances such as brown, orange and red are mixed. The rust color represents the perfect option to give environments positive but, at the same time, calm energies.

Seductive and chromatically vigorous, it recalls the colors of autumn foliage and can be combined with light colors such as white, beige or ivory but also with darker shades such as green.

A one of a kind color. Unique as our Emma Cross dining armchair, available in different finishes, such as rust.


Green. The color of nature, of harmony, balance and life in continuous renewal.

Often used to reduce stress and anxiety, thanks to its calming effect on our nervous system, green is associated with growth and vitality as well as having countless positive effects on our psyche.

A color with a thousand facets that immediately brings to mind values of primary importance, such as attention to the environment and sustainability. An issue that is particularly close to our hearts and for which we try to implement increasingly greener initiatives and projects every day.

An example? Our Noss chairs, completely made of aluminium.