A different kind of stay

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Have you ever heard of Glamping?

It is an English neologism combining the word ‘Camping’ and ‘Glamour’, used to describe a campsite that is a little different from those we are all traditionally familiar with.

These facilities offer luxury services and amenities ranging from spa services to fully equipped kitchens, as well as being to all intents and purposes a sustainable alternative to the classic hotel holiday.

Imagine waking up every morning in the middle of nature, birds chirping and the sun warming your skin. Wonderful, isn’t it? Considering that you do not have to give up comfort and design, everything becomes even better.

Increasingly popular, these glamping options come in different types of accommodation: from luxurious tents to tree houses, passing through igloos, transparent bubbles or even eco lodges.
And you? Which would you choose?

Think about it, meanwhile we tell you how we imagined a Varaschin Glamping.


Get away from everyday stress and enjoy the beauty of nature. This is the philosophy behind our personal luxury camping.

How to live this mood to the full?
Well, it is easy. By staying in a tent.

Not a normal one, but an Asian yurt, very large and with an opening in the middle that will allow us to look at the stars before going to sleep.

How to make it comfortable? By starting with the base.

We will embellish the floor with a beautiful carpet, like the one from the Carpet collection.


To furnish the living area we thought of a sofa, specifically the Emma Cross daybed.

Here, thanks to its ergonomic shape and its comfortable backrest characterised by the unmistakable handmade weaving, we will be able to spend an incomparable moment of rest.

The living room is complemented by the armchairs and tables from the same collection, on which we can place our favourite book or, why not, a cool, tasty drink. The lampshade brightens the space and transforms your living area into a place of tranquillity and serenity by creating the right atmosphere.

Close your eyes, around you only the sound of nature: the breeze caressing the leaves of the trees combined with the hum of bees. Everything is perfect on this mid-July afternoon.


We have thought of every detail.

When the sky is filled with twinkling stars and the air is freshening, we can enjoy a cosy moment next to our sweetheart, wrapped in the soft Trama blanket.

Made with care, using Olyna synthetic fibre perfect for outdoor use, it is available in a wide range of colours inspired by the nuances of nature.

This time without hesitation, we picked the beige melange, perfectly in harmony with the shades of the yurt.


To make the living room completely comfortable, the outdoor area should also be furnished to perfection.

The choice of the right furniture, which is essential for fostering a relaxing atmosphere, will create a small relaxing area in which one can spend peaceful moments.

Therefore, right next to the wonderful pool surrounded by tropical plants, colourful flowers and well-tended shrubs, we find the Emma family daybed: cosy and extremely comfortable.

Protection and style are offered by our privacy panels, which, thanks to their concrete structure, allow you to enjoy your space undisturbed.