Unforgettable moments

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The dream of a… late summer night.

The last days of August offer dramatic emotions.
They are a mix of joy and sadness during which, a bit like New Year’s Eve, the balance sheets of the past few weeks are drawn up. If we think about it, however, this period also represents the beginning of a new, beautiful, adventure.

The days get shorter, the color of the sunset becomes warm and enveloping and even nature begins to change its nuances, wearing clothes ready to accompany it over the next few months.

And here, while we let time mark every moment, we decided to organize a dinner.
But not just any, ours. And you, of course, are all invited.

Choose your favorite outfit, we are waiting for you in the garden.


Surrounded by soft lights, in a magical atmosphere, we are ready to prepare a tasty outdoor evening banquet. Our helper? A one-of-a-kind complement: Outdoor Cooking, the first Varaschin outdoor kitchen.

Elegant and refined but, at the same time, extremely versatile and modular as desired, Outdoor Cooking represents the perfect synthesis between practicality and comfort.

A symphony of aromas and flavours comes directly from the induction hob where delicious tomato bruschetta is slowly being cooked.

The aperitif is almost ready, just missing a good glass of prosecco.


In the air, a symphony of aromatic herbs accompanies us, inebriating our senses.

In this suggestive setting, take a seat on the dining armchairs of the Emma Cross collection let’s all chat together, remembering the wonderful past moments.

There are those who set off on trips to breathtaking locations, those who went on an adventure and decided to take off for a beautiful safari in Kenya or those who, on the other hand, preferred to stay in Italy and enjoy the Amalfi coast.

The table is set to perfection: the linen tablecloth is perfectly arranged on the Emma table, to embellish the centerpiece, indeed, a composition of fresh flowers in the shade of pink.

Everything is ready to start dinner and, right from the kitchen, positioned on top of the trolley with welded extruded aluminum wheels, here comes the main course: an excellent fresh pasta “alla busara”.

Dinner is ready!


An interweaving of different lives that meet.

Emotions, sensations, eyes that shine with happiness and, between one toast and another, it’s time to move on to the second course: a fillet of sea bass, cooked to perfection.

From the innovative oven-barbecue, Fògher Cooking System, we are preparing to churn out excellent crostini flavored with rosemary while the wine is served in sparkling crystal glasses.

Do you hear this melody too? A mix of persuasive and relaxing sounds comes from the speakers positioned near the table, giving us an engaging and unique musical experience.


How to round off?
With an excellent dessert, perhaps a fresh strawberry tart.

And, while the stars begin to shine in the sky and the moon shines majestically as in a painting, here comes the slices of cake, placed on charming porcelain plates.

There are those who remain seated at the table and those who, on the other hand, decide to enjoy this delicacy comfortably nestled on the daybed of the Tibidabo collection, the perfect ally to enjoy the last moments of this beautiful evening with friends.