The outdoor living that makes you feel good is inspired by shinrin-yoku.

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - The outdoor living that makes you feel good is inspired by shinrin-yoku.

Feeling good just walking in the woods and breathing deeply?

It seems that it is enough to be surrounded by the green of the trees and the scent of the bark to trigger a positive reaction from our body.

Nothing easier. So why not give it a try?

It is called “shinrin-yoku”, or “forest bathing”: it is a particular therapy born in Japan which consists in taking a moment of total immersion in a natural environment, such as a forest or a park, to immediately obtain benefits. It is much more than a simple detachment from the hectic everyday life, it is a real treatment practice, which allows you to strengthen the immune system, decrease heart rate and blood pressure and remove anxiety and stress.

The “forest bathing” can be practiced frequently or once in a while without special requirements, except to enjoy the experience with presence of mind, detaching from reality.

At the base, there is the philosophy according to which contact with nature is a deeply rooted need in human beings (we had also talked about it in part in this blog article) which must therefore be cultivated.

When it comes to designing an outdoor space, Outdoor Therapy can interpret the “shinrin yoku”, through furniture and finishes that are close to the shapes, colors and atmospheres of the forest.

Below some Moodboard proposal ideas.

Deep Forest

Tropical Jungle

Autumn Pine Forest

Tropical Forest