Sunbeds? Here’s how to choose the perfect one.

The best way to sunbathe? Do it laying on a comfortable sunbed.

Experience a moment of pure relax, kissed by the warm rays of the sun. Read a good book lying in the shade of the leaves of the trees. Nothing more nice. And if the location chosen is that of a farmhouse in the Apulian countryside surrounded by the green of the olive grove, everything becomes even more relaxing.

You can find any type, shape, color and sizes of sun loungers. So let’s find out together what are the essential characteristics to choose the perfect one.


When we talk about outdoor furniture, it is inevitable to immediately think of teak wood. A timeless classic, which lasts over time and, in its simplicity, elegant.

With different colors and aesthetic characteristics, the sunbeds made with this material perfectly furnish the most diverse outdoor spaces: from terraces to gardens, from private homes to resorts surrounded by greenery or overlooking the sea.

A refined complement perfectly in line with the surrounding environment, which can be accompanied by comfortable cushions as in the case of the Barcode sun lounger which, with the its alternating teak wood slats, it is perfect for relaxing by the pool or, why not, on a wonderful panoramic terrace.


Outdoor Therapy represents for us a real philosophy, which sees comfort at the center of every action and reflection. How do we put this into practice? By creating ergonomically perfect furniture that satisfy the eye.

You can abandon yourself to absolute relax on our sun lounges, comfortable, elegant and refinde, letting yourself be pampered during a weekend at the end of August.

Comfort, therefore, the watchword for this summer 2022. Imagine yourself by the pool, lying on the Dormeuse of the Tibidabo collection, relaxing like a sunbed, cozy like an armchair. A new way of conceiving comfort and savoring the pleasure of being outdoors.


Fully enjoy nature and experience your own outdoor space in a unique way. How? With a cot that can be comfortable, beautiful and manageable at the same time.

The essential, almost minimal design of the Bahia sunbed will make it your best ally throughout the summer.

The structure, with rigorous lines softened by small details such as the circular section of the legs, is made entirely of aluminum, a material that is also resistant to bad weather. Easily movable to follow the sun during the day or enjoy relaxing moments in the shade of trees or parasols, it is the ideal choice for the beach or the pool.


The eye also wants its part.

A piece of furniture needs to be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Everything must be perfectly matched: from colors to materials.

Each outdoor space is different and understanding what are the elements to make it unique requires scrupulous planning, which starts with choosing the right shade.

The colors, in fact, will change the style of your garden or terrace. Precisely for this reason, we have created a vast range of fabrics. From pastel shades, the must have of the season, such as beige or blue, to more particular ones, such as coconut, indigo or pistachio green.


It is important to shelter from the sun’s rays, especially on the hottest days of the summer.

The parasols of the Emma collection perfectly match with every complement of our collections giving a touch of style to your outdoor space.

Elegant, easy to handle and practical, they are designed to move easily and orient themselves in any direction, in order to make your outdoor moments unique and at the same time allow you to shelter from the most intense sun rays.