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Varaschin - Emma Sunscreen

Aluminum structure grounded on circular base in steel treated with C5M cycle. Sunshade in technical PVC fabric with micro-holes.
Weatherproof and sunlight resistant (UV) structure.

Fabrics & Finishes

Available with white frame and white batyline or white VAR#TEX sunshade; grey structure and grey batyline sunshade, gabardina texture or VAR#TEX cenere; silk grey structure and gabardina texture or VAR#TEX acquerello sunshade; bronze structure and gabardina texture or batyline moka sunshade; moka structure and grey batyline or moka batyline sunshade; black frame and grey batyline or VAR#TEX cenere sunshade.

Varaschin - tessuti e finiture
Monica Armani
Monica Armani, architect and child of artists, was born in the leading centre of the Italian rationalist movement. In the family studio, she was trained according to the principle that the equation of detail is the primary point of reference: shape, function and technologies are refined to achieve the best possible balance, in a synthesis represented by her manifesto 'Design in Molecules'. Industrial design became the natural extension of this experience.
Monica Armani