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It is almost autumn.

A season of transition, where leaves begin to change colour, creating magical atmospheres and witnessing the changing beauty of nature.

Here, as the trees wear new clothes in warm colours and bright shades, wood becomes the real star of our outdoor spaces.

A unique material, with a warm and enveloping soul, that can give spaces that timeless touch of comfort, transforming all rooms, even those outside the residential context, into a kind of ‘enchanted place’.

Let yourself be enchanted by its warm tones and enjoy all the pleasures of life, even at this time of year.


What are we talking about? About one of the most valuable types of timber in the world.
To be precise, of the Tectona genus: this is the name of the family of tropical hardwood trees that includes three species known, precisely, as teak.

In addition to its remarkable resistance to atmospheric agents, temperature fluctuations, humidity and saltiness, teak’s distinguishing qualities include its extreme ease of processing: teak can be sculpted, carved and modelled with precision, thus becoming the perfect ally for the creation of outdoor furnishing accessories.

Specifically, the type used at Varaschin comes from certified plantations, a tangible sign of our commitment to finding a meeting point between style, functionality and respect for the environment around us.

Which collections are made entirely of this precious material? Well, Bali, Barcode, both designed by architect Alessandro Dubini and Lapis, by designers Calvi and Brambilla.


Several studies have shown that wood – obviously the good quality one – can offer various benefits to the physical and mental health of humans.

By nature, this material, in addition to being free of harmful chemicals, helps to improve air quality by absorbing excess moisture.

But that is not all.

The use of biological elements not only fosters a connection with nature and increases people’s emotional and mental well-being, but also reduces stress.

Did you know that wood is also able to positively influence our creativity?
Yes, you heard that right.

In fact, it has been proven that an environment furnished with wooden furniture is not only extremely warm and cosy, but at the same time extremely stimulating.


Now close your eyes and imagine a beautiful glass veranda.

In front of you, a majestic oak tree, with leaves in different shades ranging from golden brown to bronze or even red.

You are lying on the modular sofa from the Barcode collection.

A blanket, a good citrus herbal tea and your favourite book: the perfect retreat for a late September afternoon.

All you have to do is relax and indulge in some time alone while, all around you, nature continues its normal course, providing your eyes and soul with a timeless show.