Modular designs and unique materials: these are the trends for 2023.

December comes with a load of cheer and positivity like no other month of the year.
Houses are decorated with trees and colourful lights, turning into real shelters where you can experience the magic of Christmas with your loved ones and return, at least for a while, to being children.

In this period then, the list of dreams and wishes gets longer due to what we commonly call “good purposes for the new year”: there are those who punctually decide to approach a new sporting activity to get away from everyday stress or those who perhaps want to adopt a four-legged friend to keep them company during the day or, again, those who dream of building a house with the characteristics they like best.

And this is exactly where we come into play: here are four of the 2023 trends, chosen to furnish your new outdoor space in a unique way or, why not, rethink what you already have.


What will your new garden look like?
We do not know. But we assure you that in 2023 what cannot be missing to furnish it will be the modular accessories.

Space therefore for the single pieces that can be inserted in the different environments, with which to create a play of shapes and sizes that can be customized in every detail, thanks to a design that we could define “tailored”, because it is made to measure for you, just like a suit.

2023 will see modularity as the protagonist, just like that of our Belt Air sofa which, thanks to its shapes, based on the harmony between straight and curved lines, it fits perfectly into any outdoor context.


Yes, you got it right: space for comfort in all its forms but, above all, in the voluminous ones.

2023 will be the year of total comfort. From chairs to sofas, through armchairs and small armchairs: the larger and more comfortable they are, the better.

Green light, therefore, also for oversize, such as the daybed family from the Emma collection, designed to welcome all members of the family into its soft embrace. Thanks to its massive dimensions, it will be the perfect companion on spring and summer afternoons for moments of relaxation in the open air.


The importance of colour for the creation of the ideal outdoor space. It is scientifically proven that colours affect the psyche. They are, in fact, able to transmit sensations that positively affect physical and mental well-being

It is therefore essential to choose the right nuance not only for interior furnishings, but also for outdoor furnishings, such as terraces and verandas.

For next year it will be better to opt for single colours, such as white or black, preferring monochromatic furnishing accessories able to adapt perfectly to the environments and, above all, capable of giving refinement, elegance and harmony to the outdoor spaces of your homes.


Wood, metal, ceramic, laminate: in 2023 the must-have outdoor furnishing accessory will be the one made with mixed components. Resistant materials and, at the same time, rich in design and timeless.

The union of wood with ceramic or, again, of metal with synthetic fibres: these are characteristics that you can find in all our collections.

So here is Cricket, Emma, Tibidabo, Summer Set, just some of our proposals, united by a single common denominator: care and attention in the choice of materials, syntax of an outdoor design that refers to the most advanced and sought-after design and aesthetic languages.