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The project

A made-to-measure sofa, like a tailored suit.

Belt Air sofa incorporates all of Belt’s aesthetic and design principles, introducing less rounded shapes supported by thin aluminum or polymethylmethacrylate supports that make them appear almost magically suspended.

Through a game of lines and curves, it is possible to create infinite compositions, creating a perfect environment where you can spend pleasant convivial moments outdoors.


Residential and contract outdoor furniture. Suitable for marine areas.

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DesignerLo Scalzo Moscheri

Portfolio Born on 9 November 1963 Graduated in 1987 from the Milan Faculty of Architecture. Master in “Advanced technology application on industrial design manufacturing” - Tampa University, Florida USA - in 1988.

Lo Scalzo Moscheri


Supporting structure in solid okumè wood padded with Dryfeel® foam for outdoors. Aluminum and polymethylmethacrylate feet.


Fabrics & Finishes

Feet available in white, rust, grey, silk grey, metal bronze, moka, denim, green, black or transparent polymethylmethacrylate.

Upholstery available in the different categories of Varaschin outdoor fabrics.


Available with single fabric only.

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