Immerse yourself in relaxation with us.

The bond between Varaschin and living well is profound.
It is a consolidated relationship, made authentic by products that reflect a design idea that combines quality with comfort and ergonomics, to give moments of unconditional outdoor relaxation.

Satisfying the well-being of all of you is a mission that we have always pursued, involving the work of our architects and craftsmen for the creation of products that pamper and cradle, just like a sweet and welcoming embrace.

The key to everything? Sunbeds, sofas, daybeds, dining armchairs and armchairs made by combining form and function, to make moments in the open air small daily gifts. The secret lies right here, in choosing a product that knows how to be beautiful and comfortable.

And you? Have you chosen yours yet?


All our collections are designed and engineered according to very specific logics, thinking of the person and his effective and daily relationship with well-being.

Specifically, when we talk about all-encompassing comfort, there are several features we are referring to: angle and inclination between seat and backrest, choice of the right materials such as, for example, fabrics and padding.

In our products, these things are the result of thoughtful choices, studied down to the smallest detail to promote “the sweet living well” and offer solutions that are able to give authentic outdoor comfort.


With its metal net structure with generous and extremely inviting dimensions, Bergère Summer Set is characterized by a slightly inclined backrest and a comfortable and spacious seat. The result? A perfect curve, which welcomes body, mind and spirit, transforming this complement into an ergonomically top design bergère armchair and, at the same time, extremely versatile.

The union with the footrest from the same collection, then, makes it a complete piece of furniture in which to lie down immersed in the greenery of the home garden.


A spacious and welcoming seat, a structure made of hand-woven ropes. The cushion, soft and padded, offers the possibility of increasing the depth to adjust the posture. The high armchair of the Tibidabo collection is the summary of an ergonomically perfect game of shapes and lines, in which comfort and design come together to offer carefree moments.

Just relax, rest your head on the airy weaves, close your eyes and dream. A flower garden, freshly cut grass, the warm sun on the skin and a pouf in front of us on which to place our favourite book.

Just imagining it you are already more relaxed, right?


It is scientifically proven that when sitting on a comfortable piece of furniture, the body automatically relaxes. Have you ever noticed?

Ergonomics is also this: welcoming and, consequently, relaxing. Think of the Emma Cross armchair and its wide and enveloping shapes.

Designed by the architect Monica Armani, who in this collection has managed to perfectly combine comfort and aesthetics, this dining armchair is synonymous with total relaxation. The cushions, padded with Dryfeel foam, are little clouds on which to lie down and be cradled.


We like to think that our products can accompany you in happy moments: an afternoon of relaxation outdoors, an early summer dinner where you can get lost chatting until late in the evening but, also, a breakfast facing the sea on the first day of vacation after a year of work or, why not, a lunch in a wonderful mountain chalet where the crisp early morning air awakens the heart and soul. Moments, as we have just said, happy, carefree and, if lived in the company of comfortable furnishings, even more beautiful.