Active or relaxed: how do you live outdoors?

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - Active or relaxed: how do you live outdoors?

“I love to stay in the open because…” how would you finish this sentence?

If your answer is : «so I can do sport and tire myself in a way that reactivates my energy level» then your style is «ACTIVE». If, on the other hand, your immediate thought is  «there is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing on a soft daybed and basking the sun» then you belong to the «RELAXED» world.

Even though these two ways of life are complete opposites, both the Active and Relaxed styles derive from the same assumption: staying outdoors in the open is healthy for body and soul.

If you are a runner, you may find it more stimulating to run down a beaten path in the midst of green fields rather than a treadmill. When, on the other hand, you’re reading a book, do you prefer to do it in natural or artificial light?

It’s not easy to explain but contact with nature makes us feel better inside.

Creating an outdoor space that reflects who we are and caters to our needs is fundamental in obtaining the maximum possible benefits that living the outdoors can give us. 

Here are some ideas of how to translate these moods into possible design solutions.


If your style is «Active» your ideal outdoor furniture solution are pieces that are light, dynamic, easy to move around and functional. Stackable sunbeds and lounge chairs that can easily be put to one side when not being used, modular sofas  to which you can change configuration based on your needs or modern tables and barstools . For cushions and fabrics, lively graphic solutions that have this natural feel about them.

Possible design suggestions:

Noss chair

Belt modular sofa

System bar table and stools

Bahìa sunbed


If your style is «Relaxed» your choice would be comfort, something that gives you a warm embrace. Therefore give room to lounge chairs and daybeds that are ergonomic and hug you, a dormeuse that allows you to sit or lay down and the matching bergère with a footrest. The choice of fabrics that would work for you are natural tones with an organic feel, a melange of woven and geometric patterns.

Possible design suggestions:

Emma daybed with high backrest

Tibidabo dormeuse

Summer Set Bergère with footrest

Babylon Lounge chair