Increase the competitiveness of SMEs by adopting a virtuous business model

Varaschin - News - Increase the competitiveness of SMEs by adopting a virtuous business model

On Sistemi & Impresa - May feature, our COO,
Stefano Giust, tells how the competitiveness of SMEs can increase by adopting a virtuous business model.

In an increasingly international context, where competition is fierce, adopting a strategy that focuses on identity and values ​​can make the difference: Stefano Giust, speaking of SMEs, reaches these conclusions on Sistemi & Impresa.

Varaschin’s COO starts from the analysis of a paradigm too often adopted by SMEs active in sectors characterized by a significant number of competitors and by an increasingly selective demand, a model focused on the search for opportunities outside the core business of company and therefore unable to produce positive effects.

From the examination of this vicious circle, Mr. Giust describes a virtuous business model centered on the core of the company, the values ​​and identity, focused on the product-service, on human resources and planning, based on coherence and therefore destined to be repaid with the trust of the stakeholders and the consensus on the part of the market.

In the following lines, Stefano Giust says that Varaschin’s adoption of this business model has proved fruitful, because the company focused on qualified outdoor design, to develop and enhance the distinctive skills of the product and of the outdoor market, as well as to plan all strategic activities more consciously, consequently consolidating the links both with suppliers and designers.