The “Valle Lagunare” project in the Venice Lagoon

Varaschin - News - The “Valle Lagunare” project in the Venice Lagoon

As a tangible proof of our close connection to the territory, we decided to support the “Valle Lagunare” project relating to the Venice Lagoon, thanks to which we received an important recognition for the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions.

This project assesses the production and absorption of greenhouse gases in a eutrophic lagoon environment – (‘Fishing Lagoon’) used for extensive aquaculture purposes. Certified carbon credits generated directly in the lagoon are thus issued, thanks to the extensive organic fishing activities and the ecosystem balance in the lagoon valley.

The extensive and respectful management of the natural rhythms of fish farming allows for the conservation of the valley environment, creating an ideal microclimate that counters the negative impacts of climate change by enabling the valley’s marine ecosystems to capture large quantities of CO2 and store them in their seabeds.