The UNESCO sites that inspire our projects.

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - The UNESCO sites that inspire our projects.

Even before being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural landscape, the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene that surround our headquarters were already a very important source of inspiration for us. An inspiration capable of going far beyond the simple re-proposal of colors and shapes, to consider, instead, the historical and anthropological value of the place.

From rough land to a landscape unique of its kind, where the rows of vines move sinuously following the curves of the roadsides, now giving way to the woods and towns scattered along the valleys.

The Prosecco Hills have been shaped over the years with attention and respect for the environment and today constitute a paradigmatic example of how man with his know-how and nature with its ability to adapt can establish a deep bond.

The many Experiences that we have completed over the years have allowed us to discover natural sceneries of rare beauty, many of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage. For each project we have carefully selected the most suitable collections, dressing them with the finishes that could best interpret the mood of these extraordinary places, establishing harmonious dialogues with the natural elements that characterize them.

We believe in this approach, because we think of our furnishings as something more than a design product. Each of our collections contains in itself a set of signs, formal and cultural, which emerge from different factors: the designer’s idea, the craft work that has always distinguished us, our desire to put comfort at the center, natural inspiration and the awareness that every piece of furniture is born for an environment, the outdoor, which requires particular technical skills and attention to aesthetic details.

Like the terraces of vines that draw the profiles of our hills, also our furnishings and the outdoor living spaces that we design are the result of the continuous comparison of man with natural elements. Always new opportunities to plunge into landscapes that can tell amazing stories.

Do you want to discover in which sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage Lists we have realized Experiences?

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