The magic of December gives you a new outdoor space.

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - The magic of December gives you a new outdoor space.

Time for budgets, dreams and new resolutions.
The month of December is, as always, a little more magical than the others.

Perhaps it’s the Christmas decorations, the happiness of being with our loved ones, the dinner parties, the gifts to be unwrapped or even the board games that make us invariably quarrel – in a good way, of course – with one of our relatives… because as we know, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. However, for us, December really fills our hearts with joy.

It is the month when the best memories are made, when making a smile can bring so much joy and happiness. It is also the time when you start thinking about the year to come: about projects, travel to new dream places, work commitments and, why not, even the renovation of your home.

Modernising your home. Beautiful, isn’t it?
And if this follows the current trends, everything becomes even more stylish.


How many times have we told you about the importance of colors to create a certain kind of mood? The answer is “many,” we know.

Thus, we could not start this blog with a different topic. On the winner’s podium of the “2024 coolest colors”, there are earthy nuances.

Leave room for shades like dark and light brown, orange – better if burnt – yellow or even rust.

Warm shades, close to the colors of nature, which can be both extremely sophisticated and trendy at the same time.

Are you wondering which article have we selected to get ready for 2024?
The lounge rocking armchair from the Clever collection.


With a view to renovating an environment, whether it is indoor or outdoor, the kitchen takes the lead also for this 2024.

A space, in our opinion, filled with love.
Because, if you think about it, cooking is a real act of affection.

And if it can be done in one’s own backyard and with all the comforts of an indoor kitchen, it becomes even easier and funnier.

Just imagine a mid-May Sunday.
The sun is high in the sky, vegetables are cooking on the griddle.

All you have to do is open your favorite bottle of wine and wait for a juicy dish to be cooked.

One, two, three…close your eyes and dream with us!


Eco-sustainability will play a central role in the upcoming 2024.

The constant search for new green trends will lead consumers to prefer furnishing complements made from recyclable materials: wood, metal from certified sources, organic fabrics.

This vision for sustainability will also affect other important dimensions, such as those concerning energy efficiency and people’s natural well-being.

On this front, here at Varaschin we are implementing several green initiatives summarized by the acronym LEAF: a term that evokes nature while also having a strong communicative potential.

Indeed, within it we find Life, namely the individual and collective existence as an expression of equity and inclusiveness; Environment, the environment that needs to be treasured and enhanced; Action, the initiatives and projects for a greener and fairer world; and Future, the commitment to ensure a better tomorrow for future generations.

Which piece of furniture should you choose to be sustainable?

The Noss chairs, designed by architect Edoardo Gherardi, with their tube structures and aluminum sheet seats.