Summer is here, discover new outdoor proposals.

Sea breeze caresses the skin, the hot sun warms the heart and souls: summer has finally arrived.

The days get longer and the desire to live the house in the open air in a welcoming and relaxing outdoor environment returns. Dinners with old friends, the reading of a book in the shade of a tree, a dive into the pool: small pleasures, which allow us to fully enjoy our outdoor space. Relaxation, the watchword for this time of the year, without ever losing sight of elegance and design.

Here our proposals for summer 2022.


If we had to associate these months with a nuance it would be, without a doubt, the blue. The colour of calm, peace, emotional serenity, harmony. But, also, of the sea.

An open pergola that lets light and air through, a wall of stones and exposed bricks and as a frame a lush garden with swimming pool where you can take a dive in the most scorching days. Placed nearby, in the shade of a cherry tree, the daybed compact of the collection Emma Cross, that with its wide backrest and double weave in rope and fabric is ready to welcome you, as in an embrace. In the center, instead, a table and some armchairs.

It’s morning, from the kitchen comes the scent of freshly brewed coffee.

Going out to see nature awaken, you decide to enjoy your drink in the garden, right there on the armchairs Summer Set, that thanks to their welcoming curve, accompany you in this first, sweet, moment of the day.


The minimal style will be one of the protagonists of the 2022 summer season.

Getting rid of the superfluous by enhancing purity: this is the mantra to follow for the furnishing of living spaces. The goal? Create harmonious and unique environments. Tables, chairs, sofas and furnishings with simple lines and, at the same time, refined will return. Sobriety, without losing sight of elegance and naturalness.

It’s time then to relax under the sun by the pool, disconnect from everything and enjoy an afternoon on the deckchair Clever, that thanks to the light structure and the essential design, can be moved comfortably in every corner of the garden.


It is the year of light, even outdoors.

The real red wire between the interior and exterior spaces of the house will be the lampshades and lamps, which will add a decorative touch after sunset, creating the right mix of magic and refinement.

It’s evening, friends have just rung the bell. The table is laid, the wine has reached the right temperature and the appetizers for the aperitif have just come out of the oven.

Only one small detail is missing, the right climate. The solution? The lampshade of collection Emma that will redesign the style of lighting in your outdoor space. Reclining, resistant and characterized by unique weaves made by hand on a powder-coated aluminum frame, it will be your favorite object-lamp for the entire season.


Last but not least, sustainability. A new way of conceiving and living the home, in which ecodesign will be the undisputed master. This, combined with an increasingly concrete attention to nature and the environment.

Space to the selection of materials, preferring those entirely recyclable such as aluminum, used for the production of many of our furnishings, like stool Noss or coming from certified plantations such as wood used for the furnishings of the collection Barcode.

A commitment we particularly care about, driven by the will to build a better future by trying, every day, to be responsible towards nature and the planet where we live.