Spring is coming: a few inspirations for the outdoor space.

Pleasant temperatures, sunny days, green meadows and heavenly floral scents that spread in the air. Nature blossoms again in spring and we do it with it.

Whether it’s enjoying a drink in the sun or going for an outdoor run, one thing is certain: doing activities during spring time makes us feel more energetic.

The ability to spend time outdoors leads us to think about how to design an outdoor furniture project that meets our needs, focusing on those details that allow us to experience every second in contact with nature.

So here are some tips to fill up on vitality and good humor in a spring-inspired outdoor living space.

Bright colors

When spring approaches, the first thing we think about is the thousand colors of the flowers which return to decorate lawns and balconies, like a real explosion of life. A good way to enjoy this season, therefore, is to choose fabrics that bring us back to the shades of the petals of tulips, poppies, primroses and daffodils.
A large modular sofa like Barcode allows you to combine the solid teak wood base with seats and backrests upholstered with fabrics of different colors that will harmonize pleasantly with the bright green of the lawn or stand out in the contrast with the material surfaces of the patio.
A further lively touch can be obtained by choosing other shades in palette for the pillow covers.

Plants in the city

When a project finds place in a city or does not directly overlook a beautiful landscape, just add a little luxuriant plants to get the positive vibes of nature.
The foliage, combined with the hand-made weaving of the furnishings, will give shape to compositions, creating a pleasant harmony.
A further touch of style? The intertwined flowerpots that give continuity throughout the outdoor living.
You can opt for a low version like the Emma, suitable for tall plants, or for a more slender and sculptural solution like the Cricket one.

Low height furnishings

Abandoning the blankets of the winter season to rediscover the pleasure of living the outdoor space when spring approaches.
The choice of a seat with a lowered height allows you to align yourself more and more with the rhythms of earth and nature.
The intention on the Low collection is proposing a new way of experiencing the outdoor space, in a more intimate and relaxed way. From armchairs to tables, such as the Ellisse table, the furnishings take on new proportions and even greater comfort.

Botanical patterns

Floral patterns are usually the first option to dress the furnishings in spring, even if botanical patterns are undoubtedly a choice equally in theme, but more refined.
Perfect to give a dynamic touch, especially in those environments where neutral colors dominate; the fabrics decorated with floral prints give personality to the furnishings, especially when combined with wooden structures, such as in the bergère Barcode.

Maximum outdoor exposure

Essential, light and customizable: in one word “easy”.
The Easy Noss chair lets you live the outdoors to the fullest. Why? Because it’s the perfect ally when you share an outdoor lunch in the sun or when you feel to shelter in the shade if the rays get too strong.
Easy to move and reconfigure, the Easy Noss chair allows you to appreciate the outdoors by aligning your breath with that of nature, while awakening.