Natural inspirations for unique collections.

We strongly believe in nature and in everything it can offer: breathtaking views, colorful flowers, lush meadows, ecosystems full of life but also physical and mental well-being.

And by taking inspiration from nature that, over the years, we have developed a series of collections as much as possible in symbiosis with the environment that hosts us and every day gives us something new and extremely wonderful. Unique, refined, timeless and ergonomically perfect furnishing accessories to guarantee people a relaxed, serene lifestyle, in which beauty and sustainability coexist in absolute harmony.

Trees, flower corollas, crickets, stars: here they are presented in detail. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow.


The tree is, with no doubt, one of the figures that we have all learned to draw since childhood.

The trunk, the twigs, the leaves and the flowers: all of us, at least once in the course of our life, have tried our hand at depicting this manifestation of nature, beautiful to the eye and essential for our survival.

And it is precisely the trees that the architects Calvi Brambilla were inspired by for the design of the Tibidabo high sofa, whose design recalls the shape of a shrub and its foliage, both in the structure and in the intertwining which, going up, becomes more and more dense.


How much beauty is there, enclosed within a flower?
In the world there are about three thousand species, all different in shape, color and fragrance.
Wonderfully perfect in their simplicity, besides being beautiful they are a precious help for the earth and for the health and well-being.

An inexhaustible source of happiness, it was the flowers, precisely their corolla, that inspired the architect Monica Armani in the design of the Emma Cross armchairs which, with their enveloping, welcoming and relaxing design, are the perfect choice for any outdoor environment.


One of the most beautiful songs that can be heard in nature, especially on summer evenings in the open air, is that of crickets. A ringing sound, emitted only by males with the aim of signaling their presence and making females fall in love.

Their physical conformation, made up of long and sturdy legs, was a source of inspiration for the architect Anki Gneib who, by stylizing this animal, created a real collection entitled, precisely, Cricket.

The distinctive features? The light aluminum structure, the curved lines and the handmade weaving, the meeting point between lightness and naturalness.


An elegant and refined play of shapes inspired by the stars, the most beautiful and luminous ones.
An intersection, an intertwining of lines with a light presence that come together to form the base of the System Star table, designed by the architect Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri.

A unique table, with a strong personality, which gives elegance and style to spaces and which, just like a shining star, makes the environment shine thanks to its uniqueness.

Close your eyes and think about the most beautiful constellation you can ever imagine.