Our new website is now online

Varaschin - News - Our new website is now online

We are happy to announce that our new website is officially online.

With a completely renewed graphic layout, it has been designed to offer a smoother browsing experience and to grab visitors’ attention through an even more user-friendly content architecture.

We have carefully designed every detail of each page, starting from the new home page, which welcomes users with our corporate video shot in London, offering direct access to collections, experiences, designers and to the brand-new LEAF section.

In each page, colour becomes a dominant and characterising element, often echoing the collections’ finishes. The four main paths – products, collections, experiences and designers – have instead been enriched by the iconic ‘tropicana’ pattern along with hand-drawn sketches made by Varaschin architects.

In the products and collections sections, we have deliberately placed great emphasis on images and videos for their ability to present them authentically.

A special note goes to the LEAF page, with a section entirely dedicated to sustainability, a theme that for us represents a commitment based on concrete premises and on the awareness that it is a challenge that must be tackled on all fronts and according to precise rules.