Inside an outdoor padded sofa

Varaschin - News - Inside an outdoor padded sofa

How can a padded sofa withstand rain, UV rays and thermal excursion? This is one of the most frequently asked questions.
The answer is in the technology inside the sofa, which is the combination of research and experimentation, the discovery and testing of innovative and durable materials.
The padding is made up of Dry Feel® drainage rubber, an open cell foam that does not retain water and dries rapidly, combined with Dacron®, a synthetic textile fiber also used in the clothing industry and in the manufacture of sails and ropes. Both are breathable, odor-resistant, anti-mold and antibacterial.
The structure of the sitting is made of a native wood from tropical West Africa: the okumè wood. The okumè is very flexible and lightweight, but at the same time it guarantees a high durability over the years. It is water- and moisture repellent and all these properties make it ideal for the marine environment. To provide seat support and greater comfort, the structure is reinforced with elastic belts specially designed for outdoor use.
Another fundamental component of a good outdoor padded sofa is definitely the fabric: acrylic and water-repellent, dries 80% faster than other fabrics, resists UV rays and is easy to clean.
Have you ever tired an outdoor padded sofa yet?