The distinctive features of the large collection of EMMA chairs and armchairs, a “comforting” project with elegant style which is at the same time functional and versatile. There is the common theme that guides my design for the new EMMA items: bergère armchairs, two-seater sofas, armchairs, footrests, coffee tables.
The weaving of the backrests, which was created for this collection, is widely visible in the new articles. The refined details are enhanced thanks to the care for the shapes of the new chairs: the bergère becomes an icon for the collection.
The EMMA collection was created for project work; the possibility of dressing and configuring the seats, now in a wide range of shapes and finishes, offers a transversal product that adapts to the spaces of contemporary living, a range of solutions suitable for any mood. A product able to respond to various formal needs and personal tastes, while maintaining its precise identity.

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