Sharing a moment with the person you love becomes even better with Varaschin products.

Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy blog - Sharing a moment with the person you love becomes even better with Varaschin products.

February, the month of love.

A pure feeling that knows no boundaries, capable of stirring different emotions.

Love is wonder, amazement, the light touch of intertwined feelings.

It is a mix of moods that accompany us in our everyday lives, becoming the engine of our world. It can be found in different forms: love for ourselves, for our parents, for our companions.

A single thread unites all these relationships: the union of people capable of creating unbreakable bonds, resistant to the passing of time and capable of transforming an ordinary moment into one filled with joy and happiness.

Love is just that: the ability to turn a day, even the greyest one, into a palette filled with sparkling colours. Indeed, it takes very little: in order to put everything in a new light, all you need is to spend moments with the people you love.


The sky is clear, the moon is shining.

The stars light up the night, while the rustling of tree leaves in the distance offers a unique musical background.

How to make the most of a romantic evening?
With the gazebo from the Sunmoon collection, designed by architect José Manuel Ferrero of the estudi{H}ac design atelier.

Thanks to its retractable roof, Sunmoon is the perfect companion – forgive the pun – for an unforgettable evening. Being extremely comfortable thanks to its ergonomic backrest with triangular-shaped cushions, it will accompany you during your most special nights.


A Sunday in mid-February: the right time to have a little rest. Perhaps in a comfortable spa in the mountains, enjoying the last snow of the season that, shyly, still provides a breathtaking landscape.

After a relaxing steam bath, you are about to enjoy a good herbal infusion lying on the double bed from the Wellness Therapy collection.

With its distinctive large surface, double bed meets the desire for a rest for two, becoming the ideal complement to be shared not only during the month of love, but always.


Because, if you think about it, love is indeed a dense network of feelings.

Thus, where better to spend a romantic moment than on the Emma daybed?

Characterised by its backrest with the iconic rope weave, the Emma daybed is an invitation to get comfortable while enjoying the sun’s rays.


Love is genuineness, like that of a child: spontaneous, sincere, pure.

It is a feeling that envelops and transports you to a new world, where only truth and simplicity reign.

With the person that we love we can be ourselves, without any inhibition, just like when we were younger.

So why not swing together surrounded by nature and with a view of a stunning lake? With the Tibidabo nest you can enjoy a moment of complete happiness without sacrificing comfort.