Varaschin on the cover of Sistemi&Impresa n.5/2021

Varaschin - News - Varaschin on the cover of Sistemi&Impresa n.5/2021

Sistemi&Impresa, a prestigious management magazine published by Este, Milan, which explores issues of business innovation that affect various corporate functions, dedicates the cover of the July-August 2021 issue to Varaschin.

Inside the magazine, an extensive editorial signed by Giorgia Pacino, entitled “Interweaving managerial skills and tradition to give a new vision to the company”, a real story that, through the words of Pietro Varaschin, President, Giancarla Antoniazzi, General Manager, Stefano Giust, Chief Operating Officer and Head of the Corporate strategies and Verena Varaschin, Marketing and Communication Manager, outlines the history of the company, the identity of the brand and its growth prospects.

A journey to discover the world of Varaschin, from which emerge the values ​​of a family, a clear entrepreneurial vision, a great knowledge of the outdoor environment and the importance of always putting people at the center.