Varaschin – Behind the scenes winter 2018

Varaschin – Behind the scenes winter 2018

The backstage of a photo shooting


Behind the scenes is the backstage of our work.
A mosaic, harmonious and defined as a whole but made up of different pieces.
Each piece is essential for its composition and beauty. Each piece is made of us.

The photo shooting is, indeed, the occasion for creating a new mosaic. An experience that involves people with different roles, in the need to capture and give the best image of their work to the world.

Living a few days together, sharing the same space, different from the office, brings out hidden dimensions of us, feelings, experiences, personal skills that have no time to be explored on a daily life.
Nobody stops, with the body or the mind.
Varaschin is therefore not only a brand but a context with many faces and a single point of view: the desire to complete the objectives set respecting company values, history and corporate growth over the years.
Behind the scenes there’s the story of a company, almost arrived to its fiftieth birthday, of a family, a tradition, a bond with the territory, the attention to human relationships and to the sharing, the passion for the work.

Portraits, impressions of us and the environment. This is Varaschin Outdoor Therapy 2018

Thanks to Gian Paolo Serna photography and Storytellersvideo