I Saloni 2018 – Outdoor therapy – Portraits

Varaschin - News - I Saloni 2018 – Outdoor therapy – Portraits


HALL. 5 BOOTH C03 D02 [new position]


VARASCHIN Outdoor Therapy – Portraits

The 2018 edition of the Varaschin’s booth is the expression of the philosophy of Outdoor Therapy, now consolidated and strongly shared by the company management.

The Outdoor Therapy is a source of inspiration for this year’s concept with the “DYNAMIC LIFESTYLE” as a protagonist. A daily lifestyle made of dynamic instants, moments in movement, expressions of wellbeing experienced in the open air, in harmony with the ENVIRONMENT.

Our artistic director, the Architect Lo Scalzo Moscheri decided to express this concept by the image of the moments, captured through a series of Polaroid pictures or slowmotion videos.

Stolen moments of daily life, of suggestive emotions, of “immersive locations“, for nourishing the sharing, the introspection and the sensitivity towards perfumes, shapes, colors, flavors, surrounding sounds.

Portraits, Impressions of us and the Environment. This is the Varaschin Outdoor Therapy