Our new commercial is on air.

The protagonist is the pleasure of living in an outdoor dimension where beauty and well-being meet.

This video summarizes the distinctive values of the brand into a thirty-second story set in two exceptional locations: Terrazza Martini in Milan and the enchanting Villa Varda Park.

Central are the pleasure of admiring and caressing the beauty and quality of our products, the pleasure of tasting the intimacy of outdoor conviviality, of enjoying the relaxation offered by a design that is a joyful synthesis of form and functionality, rediscovering well-being.

We invite you watch the commercial until the last frame because the images, words and sounds reach the end of the video leaving a watermark that, regardless of the place where people are, even the most exclusive place, our collections have the power to take them by the hand and magically lead them to an imaginary place immersed in the peace of nature.