Giro d’Italia 2017

Varaschin - News - Giro d’Italia 2017

May 27th, 2017 – 100 is a whole and historic number.  And Giro d’Italia celebrates its centennial this year. It has been 107 years and 99 editions since that morning on May 13th, 1909,  the most important event of cycling world has become part of the history of our country. The route runs across Italy, from North to South and then back to the North again. This happens not just to prove the athletic ability of the participants but to give visibility to the Italian beauties and landscapes too.
Tomorrow, Giro d’Italia will reach our area and everything is already ready at Il Muro di Ca ‘del Poggio, a 17% grade slope which twists and turns through the wonderful Prosecco hills near the Treviso Prealps.
We from Varaschin Outdoor Therapy are going to be there tomorrow, in order to cheer our athletes up. Are you joing us?