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Nigel Coates


A research line that never fails to surprise distinguishes Nigel Coates. Born in England in 1949, he graduated in Architecture in 1974 in London, where he taught up to 1989. His style is theatrical, starting with the publication of the NATO (Narrative Architecture Today) journal, a manifesto for socially and culturally committed architecture that is also popular. His works in Tokyo (Metropol Restaurant), Sapporo (Noah’s Ark) and Bongo (Parco Cafè) and shops in London testify to this. Coates has designed exhibitions and interiors and constructed buildings throughout the world. The exhibitions include Global Cities at the 2006 Venice Biennale of Architecture. His works are on display in important museums such as the London Victoria and Albert, the New York MOMA, the FRAC and Vitra Design Museum.
He is now head of the Architecture Department of the London Royal College of Art. Coates was invited to the 2008 Venice Biennale.

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