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Costa Luminosa

The project

The restyling of the Sunset Lounge aboard the Costa Luminosa, signed by Giacuzzo Architects and  Luxuryspa srl, includes the elegant furnishings of the Varaschin collections, also perfect for the naval sector as they are made of materials suitable for use in marine areas and resistant to corrosive agents such as salt spray, water and UV rays.

The Emma Cross dining armchairs, in beige and denim colors, surround the Summer Set tables, creating an environment with an iconic design for the bar area. The light, manageable and essential Bahia sunbeds, positioned on the deck of the ship, allow you to relax and admire the sea while sailing.

The elegant woven stools of the Emma collection surround the bar counter and are added to the armchairs, sofas and tables of the same collection, giving shape to a real en plain air lounge aboard a wonderful cruise ship.




Costa Crociere Spa, Piazza Piccapietra, Genova, GE, Italia

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