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The project

Belt compact daybed is an extremely versatile piece of furniture for the outdoors, designed to be used individually or combined with the other modules in the collection. Its soft padding is upholstered with highly resistant fabrics. With its minimal design, made up of curved lines and essential shapes, Belt compact daybed furnishes the most varied spaces in the residential and contract sectors, interpreting ever-changing styles, thanks also to the wide range of fabrics available for upholstery.


Residential and contract outdoor furniture. Suitable for marine areas.

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DesignerLo Scalzo Moscheri

Portfolio Born on 9 November 1963 Graduated in 1987 from the Milan Faculty of Architecture. Master in “Advanced technology application on industrial design manufacturing” - Tampa University, Florida USA - in 1988.

Lo Scalzo Moscheri


Structure in solid okumè wood padded with open cell Dryfeel® foam, suitable for outdoor use.
Weatherproof and sunlight resistant (UV) structure.


Fabrics & Finishes

Upholstery available in the different categories of Varaschin outdoor fabrics.


Available with single or double fabric, with or without back cushions.


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