Varaschin - Outdoor Therapy

Lo Scalzo Moscheri


Born on 9 November 1963
Graduated in 1987 from the Milan Faculty of Architecture.
Master in “Advanced technology application on industrial design manufacturing” –
Tampa University, Florida USA – in 1988.
Since 1987 has been a consultant for Piero Lissoni, and has worked for Boffi, Porro, Matteograssi, Iren, Living, and Artemide.
In 1993 he opened his studio in Via De Sanctis, Milan, where he deals with product design and advertising.

Giorgetti, Tisettanta, Halifax, Rivolta, Pedrali, Map, Ivano Redaelli, Alivar, Besana Mobili,
Composit, Elam, Riva 1920, Matteograssi, Caleido, Galli, Grattarola, Kreadesign,
Casamilano, Albed, Mobilidea, Bros’s, Rossetti light, Calligaris, Xera cucine, Doimo
Cucine, and Clever.

Art Direction
Since 2004 art director for Xera kitchen furniture
Since 2008 art director for Rivolta
Since 2010 art director for Giorgetti
Since 2012 until 2020 art director for Varaschin
1st prize for residential chair of the year

His style is concise and up-to date, playing on the happy encounter of different materials: his sign is uncluttered and precise, enhanced by technological innovation and the “ready made” culture. Technology and tradition place his projects on the border between daily use and the future, in an attempt to anticipate fashion, functions and new processes, to project them ahead without ever forgetting the values linked to certain manual skills and materials typical of tradition.
Furniture has value when it is used to live better in changing conditions. It comprises objects designed to transform themselves according to our habits and life style. The idea is a house that reflects our personality without being banal in providing services.


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