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The project

The cement finish of the Belt coffee table recalls a refined style, which enhances the aesthetic and sensorial pleasantness of the material. Its design is meant to accompany the sofas of the same collection, as a connecting element or as a lateral surface that continues the development of the composition.
Resistant to the most aggressive atmospheric agents, such as sun and rain, and to environmental conditions that normally favor corrosion, such as salt spray and chlorine, Belt finds a perfect location in the most diverse outdoor spaces, from the garden to the veranda, from the balcony to the pool.


Residential and contract outdoor furniture. Suitable also for marine areas.

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DesignerLo Scalzo Moscheri

Portfolio Born on 9 November 1963 Graduated in 1987 from the Milan Faculty of Architecture. Master in “Advanced technology application on industrial design manufacturing” - Tampa University, Florida USA - in 1988.

Lo Scalzo Moscheri


Natural cement structure, made from a mold and equipped with adjustable feet, resistant to bad weather and sunlight (UV).



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