Wellness Therapy is here.

Plato once said “The key is not to live, but to live well” and it is precisely from this quote that a new journey begins, a new chapter, a new story to be told, which does not differ from what we have been until today but, in reality, enriches it.

The relationship between Varaschin and well-being is based on a deep affinity, whose common denominator is living well. And it is for this reason that every day, for over fifty years, we have been committed to offering a real outdoor therapy, just as our payoff tells.

All our work is based on this: facilitating people to live well, ensuring high comfort through solutions that satisfy the body, the mind and, with their attractiveness, the sight.

With Wellness Therapy, that’s the name of our new project, we have extended our outdoor philosophy to wellness spaces: from the world of spas to wellness centers, from high quality hospitality to private residential contexts.


A close, durable, unconditional bond between nature and human being in which the search for balance between body, mind and soul is placed at the center of everything. This is the concept on which Wellness Therapy is based.

How to put this on paper? Simple, read on below.

The collection is a series of complements and elements born from the creativity and experience of the architect Alberto Apostoli, inspired by nature and designed seeking an absolute purity of shapes and lines. They are furnishings that, by virtue of their appearance, seem to float in space, evoking feelings of pleasure and lightness.

A new business line, in short, dedicated to the world of spas, in which the elements seem to chase the idea of an innovative and technological design, which manages to bring together linearity and well-being. All this, enriched with lights, colors, sounds, tactile sensations and scents, which, chasing each other, create an all-encompassing relaxation experience.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


We always look for the best, even when choosing our designers.

Exactly for this reason we have relied on one of the most important professionals in the Wellness sector at an international level, Alberto Apostoli.

Among the ambassadors of Made in Italy design and expert in well-being in all its forms, Alberto Apostoli synthesizes architecture, culture, philosophy and the ability to speak to the body, mind and soul of people in a unicum. In this project he has managed to enclose in a series of complements all his knowledge and all his experience.


Single bed, Double bed, Sunlounger: these are complements designed for spas and wellness centers of the highest level, where you can enjoy a cuddle, take refuge after a busy day at work or, why not, during a weekend gateway.

Furnishings with characteristics created ad hoc and in the name of the latest technologies, engineered to give comfort experiences through advanced design and to be enjoyed alone or in pairs. Such as Stone, the supporting element of the sunbeds whose source of inspiration is absolutely clear from the name. Designed to increase the state of well-being through multi-sensoriality, it offers several integrated functions, such as the RGB light regulator, the fragrance activator, the audio and the food warmer. Or, again, the luminous ring, to be used for the therapeutic functions of color.

In short? Wellness as harmony with space, time and oneself, thanks to shapes that caress, sounds that lull, lights that envelop and scents that inebriate.


And now you just have to close your eyes, inhale and exhale the fresh air of mid-October and imagine being relaxed, pampered by the sound of relaxing music, perhaps that of a piano or a cello.

A light, cheerful and carefree melody, which will make you travel with your mind away from everyone and everything.

And then, sip a hot cinnamon herbal tea, perfect for these autumn days, while a delicate aroma of vanilla spreads in the air, sweet and strong. The lights of the room, on the other hand, blend with those coming from the luminous circle, creating a perfect color palette for a sweet and carefree moment of relaxation.