Three alternatives to the classic mat for practicing yoga in an Outdoor Therapy style


Through yoga we take a moment for ourselves. We work on breath and awareness of our being present, here and now, forgetting thoughts and worries. And then we tone the muscles and improve the elasticity of our body, achieving greater physical and postural balance.

The benefits that this practice brings are truly a panacea, which is why every moment is good to devote to it, especially when you are outdoors, warmed by the sun’s rays.

Here are three alternatives to the classic mat for practicing yoga in the garden in Outdoor Therapy style.

On Belt daybed
With its large circular cushion, Belt daybed is perfect for welcoming you during practice, offering you all the space you need to stretch your legs and torso. And when you will have stretched enough, you can take advantage of the padded back and indulge in relaxation.

On Bento sofa
Bento is a versatile collection, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. In addition to changing the arrangement of the different modules, you can move the cushions and create the necessary space to stretch out comfortably or sit cross-legged and start a meditation session.

On Emma daybed with high backrest
On the Emma daybed, you will have a soft and spacious cushion that will act as a mat and a hand-woven backrest that will protect you from the wind. It is the ideal seat to dedicate yourself to breathing, because it immerses you in a protected environment, leaving you at the same time in contact with the surrounding nature.

More suggestions?
For example, you could try one of our sun loungers. Which of these is right for you?