Inspirations for a dream poolside relaxation area

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What’s better than a dip in the water to cool off during a hot afternoon spent sunbathing on a sun lounger? Queen of gardens and terraces, both in private homes and in contract environments, the swimming pool becomes the ideal place in summer to relax and find refreshment. There are those who can’t wait to enter it for a regenerating swimming session and those who just want to be lulled by the water to feel lighter.

Once out, it’s time to dry in the sun, making yourself comfortable to fully enjoy the relaxing effects of the pool. Choosing the right furniture allows you to make the most of the potential of this environment, modulating it on the needs and aspirations of those who will live it every day.

How do you imagine your ideal poolside?
Here are some inspiration.

Panoramic Rooftop

When you are lying on the sun lounger you generally keep your eyes closed, but on a rooftop like that of the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Malta, with its the breathtaking panoramic view, you will end up keeping them always open. If your sunbed has wheels, like Bahia sun loungers selected for this location, you can easily move from one side of the pool to the other to chase the sun’s rays.

Modern Garden

In a domestic poolside area you are free to enjoy an afternoon outdoors at your own pace. The environment is more intimate and you have all the space you want to arrange the sunbeds as you like.

An item like Tibidabo, selected for example for this elegant private villa in Russia, stands out for the precious weaving that decorates the structure of the base and for the soft cushion that gently welcomes the head, back and legs.

Luxury Hotel

If you add the exclusive services of a luxury hotel to the relaxation by the pool, your well-being doubles. The Victor collection, chosen for the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza is light and easy to handle and allows, for example, to easily orient the sunbed in the direction of the sun or move the coffee table where necessary.

Convivial terrace

If you want to chat with a friend after a swim, you can take a seat on a modular sofa. Bento is made up of several elements of different shapes which together create refined compositions to be rearranged if necessary. The wide possibility of fabric customization allow you to opt for a sober tone-on-tone version, or a lively and colorful one, like the one created for this private villa in Spain.

Have you ever thought of including a daybed in your furnishing project for the poolside area?
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