Varaschin – Behind the scenes summer 2018

Varaschin – Behind the scenes summer 2018

A look from above on Varaschin photo shooting in its summer dress.
What can you see?
A location: Ibiza, water, sea, reef.
The distinguishing  features of summer with its June sun.
Colors: the blue of our logo, of the sky, of the sea; the warm and natural colors of  rope, fruits, the soil and of a spectacular sunset.
A subject: the new Landscapes collections, our new catalogue 2019/2020.
A team: the management, the photographer and his assistants, the Art Director and the Varaschin logistic’s group.
When we started our short journey from Italy to Spain, we had some sources of inspiration packed in our suitcase to give shape to our ideas:

Outdoor therapy philosophy, a dynamic mood, a summer energy, a team with its different faces and the concept of our new collections.
We came back with a lighter suitcase: after having spent our ideas and realized the shooting, we were pervaded by the healthy thoughtlessness and light-heartedness of those who have carried out a job with extreme satisfaction.

From above we shift our view and look at ourselves and at the future.
Between us fellow glances as architects of a common project, smiling despite so much work to do.
We carried out the shooting simply watching the sunset, relaxed on the design of a sofa, that perfectly represents the pleasure of being together, and the concept of conviviality, a value for Varaschin.

We laughed, we joked and we talked about the future looking the future.

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