Varaschin - News - #wakeupandexplore

Lorenzo Franco Santin is a photographer and what we call in Varaschin Outdoor Therapy a modern adventurer.

Passionate about photography, nature and trekking in the mountains, he decided to undertake a challenging endeavor which could put together all his passions and which has never been accomplished before (and only tried once by himself in 2016): walking along Sentiero Italia. This hiking route is more than 6000 km long and crosses the entire national territory, alternating sea level with peaks over 3000mt of altitude. It is the longest path in the world and Lorenzo decides to walk it alone and without any interruption. With a 9 kilos backpack and without camping tend, Lorenzo started his unique adventure under the motto #wakeupandexplore, inspired by the thirst for novelty and the need of exploration.

We decided to follow and support him along the Sentiero Italia, in order to discover and admire through its eyes the beautiful nature of our wonderful country.

Lorenzo Franco Santin – Sentiero Italia 2017