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The project

The linear and slender design that characterizes the entire System collection finds a further expression in the bar table. The thin top and the structure with rhomboid section legs create an elegant meeting of lines without sharp edges, harmonic shapes, which fit into the natural landscape in a discreet and refined way.
Easy to move because it is equipped with two legs with wheels, the System bar table was created to furnish mainly contract spaces, from the terrace of the modern restaurant to the outdoor area of ​​the restaurant in town, but it is also well suited to the snack area of ​​a domestic outdoor space.


Residential and contract outdoor furniture. Suitable for marine areas.

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DesignerLo Scalzo Moscheri

Portfolio Born on 9 November 1963 Graduated in 1987 from the Milan Faculty of Architecture. Master in “Advanced technology application on industrial design manufacturing” - Tampa University, Florida USA - in 1988.

Lo Scalzo Moscheri


Powder coated aluminum structure and HPL or bush-hammered ceramic top.
Weatherproof and sunlight resistant (UV) structure.



Fabrics & Finishes

Structure available in white, silk grey, grey, bronze, moka and black.
HPL top in white, anthracite, silk grey, cement, bedonia, corten colors or bush-hammered ceramic top in lime white, grey porphyry and dark stone.


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